Research experience


Marie-Curie Postdoctoral fellowENGAGE - Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, Vienna, AT

Main areas of interetest: granular flow in geosciences; gravitational mass movements; snow research


Postdoctoral fellow, Partially ordered systems, Department of Complex Fluids, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Wigner Research Center for Physics, Budapest, HU

Main areas of interest: theoretical and experimental research on dry and wet granular media; granular media in geosciences; snow research


Postgraduate Researcher in Condensed Matter Physics

Physics Department, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK


Intern, MEMS Laboratory, Microtechnology Department, Center for Energy Research

Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science, Budapest, HU


International project participation


Erasmus+ Up and down! Four season activity in the mountains: skimo and trail running 

Project leader

A project of the Hungarian Ski Mountaneering Association, the Mountaineering and Climbing Club Ljubljana - Matica and the The Icelandic Alpine Club to increase safety and partaking in ski mountaneering and trail running.  




Managment Commitee and Working Group I and II member

A European network for a harmonised monitoring of snow for the benefit of climate change scenarios, hydrology and numerical weather prediction”


COST Action IC1208

Collaboration with Dr. Christophe Blanc (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, Université Montpellier II, Montpellier, FR)

Integrating devices and materials: a challenge for new instrumentation in ICT”



Fundamentals of molecular electronic assemblies”

Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Excessive collaboration with the experimental and chemist project partners


Publications (IF: 41.098, independent citations > 60)

  • Gillemot K., Somfai E., Börzsönyi T.

    Shear-driven segregation of dry granular materials with different friction coefficients

    Soft Matter, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6SM01946C


  • Balogh Z., Visontai D., Makk P., Gillemot K., Oroszlány L., Pósa L., Lambert C., Halbritter A.,

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  • Ferrer J., Lambert C.J., Garcia-Suarez V.M., Manrique D.Z., Visontai D., Oroszlany L., Rodriguez Ferradas R., Grace I., Bailey S.W.D., Gillemot K., Sadeghi H., Algharagholy L.A.

    GOLLUM: a next-generation simulation tool for electron, thermal and spin transport

    New Journal of Physics 16 paper 093029. (2014)


  • La Rosa A., Gillemot K., Leary E., Evangeli C., Gonzalez M.T., Filippone S., Rubio-Bollinger G., Agrait N., Lambert C.J., Martin N.

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    Engineering the Thermopower of C60 Molecular Junctions

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  • Gillemot K., Evangeli C., Leary E., La Rosa A., Gonzalez M.T., Filippone S., Grace I., Rubio-Bollinger G., Ferrer J., Martin N., Lambert C.J., Agrait N.

    A Detailed Experimental and Theoretical Study into the Properties of C60 Dumbbell Junctions

    Small 9 (22) pp. 3812-3822. (2013)


  • Mizsei J., Pap A.E., Gillemot K., Battistig G.

    Effect of deuterium on passivation of Si surfaces

    Applied Surface Science 256 (19) pp. 5765-5770. (2010)




PhD in Physics

Nanoscale Dynamics and Mathematical Physics group, Physics Department, Lancaster University, UK

Thesis: Quantum control of electrical and thermoelectrical transport in molecular-scale structures

Supervisor: Prof. Colin Lambert


MSc in Engineering Physics

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU

Specialized: in statistical and condensed matter physics

Thesis: Vapor phase Deuterium passivation of Silicon surfaces, an experimental and theoretical research

Supervisor: Dr. Andrea Pap



2016 fall     Vector calculus, 1st year physics students, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU
2016 fall Environmental Technologies 2, 3rd year, Óbuda University, Budapest, HU
2015 fall Vector calculus, 1st year physics students, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, HU

Main research interests

  • Granular systems and mass-waste events in geosciences

  • Snow, rock or debris flows and avalanches

  • Dynamics of dry and wet granular media

  • Discrete element modeling

  • Bridging models across scales

  • Molecular electronics

  • Green's function techniques

  • Density functional theory


Product development





  • CO Molecules in gold nanojunctions

    Workshop on Molecular Electronic Assemblies, 10-13 September 2012, Durham, UK


  • Theoretical Study of C60 Anchor Groups for Single-Molecule Electronics

    11 th European Conference on Molecular Electronics, 7-10 September 2011, Barcelona ES


  • Fullerene-based transparent and stable anchor groups for molecular electronics

    FUNMOLS Meeting, 10-11 Feburary 2011, Bern, CH


  • Study of C60 Anchor Groups for Single-Molecule Electronics

    Nanoelectronics beyond the roadmap, annual network meeting, 13-17 June, 2011, Keszthely, HU

Organisation of international conferences


Language skills

  • English (advanced level, TOEFL IBT 109)

  • German (advanced level)

  • French (beginner level)


Outreach activities

2014-              Co-founder and secretary, Hungarian Ski Mountaineering Association
2007-2008 President, Hungarian Association of Physics Students
2005-2007 Responsible of foreign affairs, Hungarian Association of Physics Students